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Metaconf History

This is the history of all changes that were made to Metaconf. The
versions are listed latest to earliest.

VERSION 0.9.8 (Jun/22/1999)

       * Metaconf is now using the open source version of the Novocode

VERSION 0.9.7 (Dec/24/1998)

       * Changed the signatures of methods Configurable.setConfig and

       * Fixed a bug in the HTML peer for CIContainer which made the
         configuration page unusable if the container name contained
         special characters (e.g. spaces).

       * The Container interface does no longer extend Configurable.
         This is necessary in order to have multiple containers per
         configurable object.

VERSION 0.9.6 (Nov/23/1998)

       * Item configuration frames now have a Scrollbar to scroll up
         and down in big frames with many configuration items.

       * The main local configuration window opens with a sensible size
         instead of the hardcoded default size.

       * The "Browse..." button of file input fields in the AWT GUI
         threw an exception when the text field was empty.

VERSION 0.9.5 (Oct/24/1998)

       * Removed constructor novocode.metaconf.Config(int num).

       * Added method get(String name) to novocode.metaconf.Config.

VERSION 0.9.4 (Aug/21/1998)

       * Added support for multiple CILinks and CIContainer items
         in a single Config object to the AWT clients.

VERSION 0.9.3 (Jun/28/1998)

       * Changed the CIString API: Replaced the F_LOCALFILE flag by
         a localFile property.

VERSION 0.9.2 (May/9/1998)

       * Fixed bug in the background color calculation code of ItemFrame
         which caused opening an ItemFrame to fail when at least one of
         the R,B,G parts of the system background color was brighter than

VERSION 0.9.1 (May/6/1998)

       * Separated Metaconf classes from the NetForge 0.29 source

       * Removed all calls to deprecated JDK methods

       * Some changes to the basic framework

       * Added networking support via ProxyConfigurationManager and

       * Added the Metaconf GUI Client

       * Added the RemoteAction client

       * Fixed popup menu bug

       * Added CIInt classes