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Novocode Application Framework

Novocode Application Framework provides a layer of MVC-based GUI components on top of SWT and JFace. A GUI is specified as a tree of NAF components which can then be instantiated as SWT controls.

More than just a one to one wrapper of SWT component properties, NAF includes resource management (e.g. shared images and fonts), simplified configuration (e.g. CSS-like size units for layout managers) and model binding. Component trees can be described in a simple XML notation or in JavaScript with an extended JSON format. Applications can also be written entirely in JavaScript.

The resource management framework can be used to instantiate and configure your own classes with a few simple annotations, and it is easily extended for other description or scripting languages.

Release 0.4 of Novocode Application Framework is now available for download.

The custom SWT Controls which are contained in NAF are featured in a separate section of this site.

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